Smoking or vaping shelters

Where and why install a smoking shelter?

A smoking shelter is outdoor furniture generally placed in business sites. It is an exterior structure for smokers to be protected from the elements and bad weather.  Some models even have front and rear panels to protect from wind. Usually made of glass with a metal framework, it fits in every setting: industry, airports, workplaces

When choosing the perfect smoking shelter for your needs, you have to think about several points. First, the depth of the shelter is really important. Depth is decided depending on how many smokers will use it. A rule of thumb is approximately 0.8m² per person

Some smoking shelters are wider than normal to guarantee everyone’s’ personal space and respect social distance. Before choosing a smoking shelter, make sure to know approximately how many potential users it will welcome.

With the appearance and popularisation of electronic cigarettes, smoking shelters are now also intended to receive vaping smokers.

Procity, the guarantee of high-quality materials

Choosing a shelter on Procity is the assurance of a product presenting every option you need. You can choose the colour of the structure for the majority of models: grey, white, blue, orange, brown, red, copper, black.. Customise your smoking shelter to match it to the rest of its environment. There is also the possibility to choose the depth and height you want depending on the space you have.

Most of the smoking shelters available from Procity are made of sturdy materials: steel and aluminium. Shelters are placed outdoors so their fabrication must be tough and long lasting. These materials are durable, robust and use an anti-UV treated polycarbonate barrel roof. The shelters are galvanised and painted to protect them from corrosion.

Options available on Procity smoking shelters

The structure is narrow to allow as much natural light as possible. It also has reinforced safety glass provide protection and to avoid any injury from smashing due to severe impacts. The cladding of these smoking shelters are secured by a pinch-grip system. It makes it easy to assemble and disassemble to replace a part that has been vandalised.

Among many options, a very useful one is the addition of ashtray litter bins in the smoking shelter. It is convenient for smokers who are provided with a bin right next to them. Also, it will highly reduce pollution, it takes two years for a cigarette end to decompose. It is also possible to add signage to inform anyone that this shelter is a “Smoking Zone”.

Are you looking for high quality street furniture that combines practicality and design? Shop now on Procity and find the best smoking shelter for your site.