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Bicycle racks

Bicycle racks, what for ?

Bicycle racks are urban furniture made to park two-wheeled vehicles. They are generally presented as metallic structures fixed on the ground that make the locking of bikes easier. Temporary racks that are just put on the sidewalk exist, for provisional events like festivals for instance.

In terms of use, it is really quick and intuitive : the user only has to pass the bike lock on to the racks. One of the major questions when providing bicycle racks to users and inhabitants of a city is the placement. It has to be strategic enough to be useful and used, but must not disturb the environment, for pedestrians and every other actor of the city (strollers, motorcycles, cars..).


Different forms and finishes for your bicycle racks

When choosing your bicycle racks, many details are customizable to fit perfectly to its urban environment. Color, height, diameter : you will find many options available on Procity.

Bicycle racks are usually made of metal or plastic, both resistant yet affordable materials. When choosing the model of your parking racks, you have to pay attention to where they will be placed.

Indeed, outdoor bicycle parking racks must be both hardwearing and esthetically pleasing to match the other urban installations. Some racks are made to be put indoor, in private buildings and parkings, where the selection of possible materials is wider.

It is important to consider a treatment against corrosion if you choose a metal, generally steel, bicycle rack : it is called galvanization. Affordable and really efficient, it will extend your rack's lifespan. In terms of design, you can also choose among a wide range of colors on Procity : black, gray and white of course, and primary colors as well.

Shop on Procity for a wide choice of bicycle racks

On Procity, you will find a large choice of bicycle racks for every need at the best quality-price ratio. You are looking for a simple model with a harmonious design ? The Perimeter railing model combines simplicity and efficiency with its single bar to lock every kind of device.

We also propose smart models that optimize space and welcome bicycles from both sides. High-low models are convenient because they can hold twice as many bikes as a normal model while taking up the same place.

Specific models can also be found on Procity, such as scooter racks and high capacity models. Amongst these, you will find galvanized expendable racks, and 16-places models to put in spots frequently used by bicycle users.

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