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Workplace safety mirrors

As Europe’s leading manufacturer, Vialux® offers the widest range of indoor and outdoor safety and surveillance mirrors. Vialux® has been working continuously to improve the quality of these mirrors for 30 years. Their aim: to provide unrivalled quality of vision and a clear, distortion-free image.

A wide range of outdoor mirrors for industry and warehouses

Unbreakable outdoor mirrors provide effective traffic safety on industrial sites, storage areas and warehouses. The white frame with red retroreflective tape ensures that these outdoor safety mirrors are highly visible.

Vialux® offers you a choice of outdoor safety mirrors:

  • Safety mirrors with red and white frames: these mirrors can be adapted to any environment. Quality P.A.S® or POLYMIR® mirrors can be used in a standard setting, whereas stainless steel mirrors are preferable for salty or high altitude settings. Quality stainless steel mirrors with anti-icing and anti-fogging devices help to prevent accidents on industrial sites. This holds up whatever the weather conditions, thanks to the automatic demisting and defrosting system that requires no electrical installation.
  • Vialux® now offers the new Ecomir mirror: a more affordable mirror that retains the quality of Vialux® mirrors. This is a cost-effective, unbreakable mirror that makes it possible to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and people on industrial sites and warehouses in a standard setting. Its outline is created using white and red retroreflective adhesive strips stuck directly onto the optics.


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