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Bicycle shelters

Bicycle shelters, the solution for protection

On roads, we are now used to seeing bicycles users and so the demand for specific construction grows. However, the supply is not always adapted, in private and public zones. Parking options are generally not enough or totally inadequate. In order to be useful, these shelters have to be placed near big residential and business areas, stations and malls.

Once common in villages and small cities, urban cycling is now expanding to bigger cities. With traffic problems encountered in cities, inhabitants choose faster and more practical means of transportation.

Two-wheeled vehicles are really present on the road, so town planning must evolve and adapt to these new habits. Bicycle shelters are one the most important urban furniture that must be placed in cities. They offer a location to park and lock your bicycle, while protecting it from outdoor conditions.


One step towards a greener city

It is now well-known that motorized vehicles are a major source of pollution, and their use has to be reduced to preserve the environment as much as possible. To do so, urban planning has a part to play in terms of offering structures made for green alternatives, such as bicycles.

Proposing equipment for bicycles and scooters in a city is encouraging people to leave their car and opt for a means with a lesser ecological footprint. Bikeways, bicycle shelters and racks are necessary installations, no matter the size of the city.

That is why Procity provides a large range of bicycles shelters, according to your needs and budget.

Procity, a large selection of bicycle shelters

On Procity, you will find several models of bicycle shelters categorized by size : M, L and XL. Depending on the estimated  number of bicycle users, you have the choice in terms of width and depth to welcome more and more vehicles.

Secure models are very well equipped to guarantee protection to users, from theft of course but also from bad weather. Indeed, these models are in stainless steel or galvanized aluminum to be resistant to rust and corrosion.

Additional options are also available, such as a bolting system (lock and key or digicode) to reinforce protection. You can also add a light option to equip your bicycle shelters with LED or put wire mesh on the open sides of the shelter. You can choose the color of the shelter coating and the shape of the decorative caps as well.

More sophisticated designs are available, like the Moonshape model. As efficient as a classic-shaped model, this one will fit the environment in a more elegant way.

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