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Litter bins

Why are litter bins essentials in a city ?

Litter bins are a major part of urban furniture, independently of the size of the city and its density. They usually belong to the municipality, or in the case of business sites they belong to the company they are placed in.

Offering a solution to throw away trash is really important for the cleanliness of an urban area. You will observe that less trash will be thrown away on the streets, same for cigarette butts.

Litter bins must be chosen wisely to answer some norms and the needs of your population. Indeed, you will find on Procity litter bins with additional options to satisfy every single user of your urban furniture.

Options available for your litter bins

Procity offers a wide selection of litter bins models to fit perfectly to your needs. With these models, you will find several options to add to the model of bin that you choose.

Some bins are available with or without a lid over it, depending on your preferences. You can also choose to add an ashtray to the cover of the bin. The latter has a grill to put out cigarettes and a tank to hold the cigarette butts.

Litter bins can be installed in different ways. They can be wall-mounted to a bollard of a sign or concreted to the ground. These two options are available on Procity.

Also, depending on the material of your bins, we advise a specific treatment. Galvanization for steel models is a great way to maintain the condition of your bin, especially in coastal regions.

Select your litter bin on Procity

Procity presents mainly wooden and metal litter bins. With the material, you can also choose the capacity of your litter bins, from 40 to 120L. The choice of the capacity mainly depends on the size of the city and where it is placed, in a low or highly frequented place.

Wood models, generally made of exotic hardwood, add a rustic vibe to your urban furniture. You will be able to find basic models of bins, such as the Cologne or the Silaos bins. These models also exist in other types of furniture, like benches and tree planters. This way, you will have a perfect harmony in your urban decoration.

Metal bins are in steel and some models, the more sophisticated ones, are already treated against UV rays, rust and deterioration. We can find on Procity a multitude of shapes and colors.

Are you looking for smoking shelters, bicycle racks ? Furnish your town with the Procity selection of products for the best quality-price ratio.

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