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Multi-purpose convex mirrors

What is a convex mirror ?

A curved, or convex mirror, is a reflective object with a spherical shape that goes outward. It is specially designed to reflect divergent rays of light and so extend the visible part in the mirror.

A convex mirror reduces the size of every object it reflects when in a certain spot. The closer the object is to the mirror, the smaller it will look. Nevertheless, a curved mirror will show more of the reflected spot than a normal mirror since everything is smaller. It is often used in art and home decoration because of its magnifying reflection system that makes the room appear bigger.

Spherical-shaped mirrors can be used in interior design, but it is mainly visible as street displays and furniture. We can find them near crossroads, intersections and driveway exits.


What are convex mirrors used for ?

Traffic convex mirrors are useful on construction sites and in urban environments because they reflect more surface area than regular mirrors. This way, you get a larger overview of what you would have not seen in strategic locations with a reduced visibility, like blindspots for instance.

They are commonly placed up high so that users can have a full view of what is going on, even truck drivers. Convex mirrors can only be found in urban areas to warn about dangers like dead ends and intersections, issues we do not encounter on highways.

We can also see temporary convex mirrors in a zone under construction. Heavy machinery and safety barriers can obstruct drivers’ view of the road. Visibility is reduced and so convex mirrors are installed to prevent accidents and collisions.

Choosing Vialux for the best quality

A convex mirror is placed outside, so it has to be resistant to exterior climate. Vialux products are made in stainless steel and designed to withstand any environment, even the most extreme conditions. Pollution, salty air, UV rays, frost : Vialux mirrors are developed with an anti-condensation technology that guarantees a lifespan above the average.

Even the frame of the mirror is made in resistant resin that will not crack, bend under heat or break with wind. It can be oriented in any direction depending on your needs. choosing a Vialux convex mirror gives you the guarantee of a safe road with maximum visibility.

Are you looking for quality street equipment? Material to increase road safety in cities ? Check Procity selected brands and items to secure urban areas and their users.



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