Carefully selected essential raw material

PEFC certified timber

The only raw material available from a totally renewable resource, for PROCITY®, timber is an essential raw material that is the subject of a procurement policy in accordance with our environmental commitments.

We only use oak from PEFC certified suppliers. Where possible we primarily favour timber felled in close proximity to our plant rather than imported timber, thus limiting the environmental impact of transport

Durable and resistant species

We work primarily with 3 species of timber:

  • PEFC certified Oak, a durable species of timber originating from the forests of France and 100% recyclable.

  • Exotic hardwood

  • Class IV Pine

Our wooden slats are air dried and then undergo a water-based stain treatment to protect and strengthen the wood. To provide better resistance to weather and UV, the coating is applied by immersion.

The stain is available in 2 variants: light oak and mahogany