Bus shelters

PROCITY offers a wide range of modern bus shelters designs, signs and seats created for commuters’ comfort whether in the heart of town centres or around bus stations.

Our bus shelters are equipped with perch seats to provide users with a comfortable space while waiting for public transport or taxis. They are easy to spot and a great protection from the weather.

Focus on Procity bus shelter

Our bus shelter is mostly made of aluminium and/or steel, improving solidity and reliability. It comes in different finishes, colours and modern designs, to blend in with your existing urban furniture.

Some of our bus shelters benefit from a modular design, allowing you to adapt it to your capacity needs. They are very functional and can adapt to the required environment and the number of users.


Available options for bus shelters  

  • Installation of bus stop sign and display panels for bus timetables or advertising communication ;

  • Installation of street furniture designed for user’s comfort: perch seat, ashtray, litter bin...


Our bus shelters are designed to blend in perfectly with their environment. Find out more about our new Kube bus shelter here.