Street furniture

Our street furniture options are designed to equip local communities’ streets and pavements. With our solutions, you can provide safe access to public or private spaces (schools, parks, car parks, etc.), and manage efficiently mobility flow in the city centre while helping with accident prevention.

4 key advantages

Our solutions improve:

  • Street accessibility ;
  • Parking ;
  • Pedestrian walkways ;
  • Cycleways

Procity product ranges are designed to last and to fit urban life for all citizens.

Our products comply with norms and regulations relating to users with reduced mobility or visually impaired.

Our solutions design is functional and modern, allowing town council to arrange for a harmonious and aesthetic urban landscape.

Our contemporary street furniture collections include bus shelters, benches, litter bins, parking space management and bicycle shelters. We can also help with flower displays and tree protection in town centres. Please feel free to reach out for any bespoke design. We’d be happy to assist you.