Green spaces furniture

Procity offers quality multi-purpose urban furniture ideal for all your design needs for green spaces, urban parks or town gardens. View our outdoor furniture range:

  • Seats ;
  • Benches ;
  • Picnic tables ;
  • Litter bins ;
  • Wheelie bin storage

We also offer solutions to help make urban spaces greener: from big tree planters to flowerpots, flower beds or lawn edging.

PROCITY’s green spaces furniture range

PROCITY’s green spaces furniture range offers functional equipment designed to meet urban users’ multiple applications and needsWe want our products to withstand the test of time, which is why we carefully select all materials used for our urban furniture. Conception and production of varied designs for each product are also top priority for us, to make sure you find furniture that will blend with your projects’ plans.

With our green spaces equipment, we help you :

  • Embellish public spaces ;

  • Improve urban citizen’s quality of life ;

  • Promote your town’s image, while also ensuring you protect its botanical heritage and harmonious landscape.

Project managers, urban planners, architects, consulting firms, landscaping businesses or landscape gardeners, please feel free to contact us to find out more about our different projects in urban planning for outdoor spaces.