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PROCITY STUDIO : augmented reality tool

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We are very proud to present our new augmented reality tool, which will help you make informed decisions about your development projects.

Our brand-new Procity Studio app offers a unique service in the street furniture sector. Using the possibilities offered by new technologies, we provide our customers with an innovative, practical service that meets the new uses they require.

A tool to help you make informed decisions

With this new tool, we are enabling all our customers to better visualise their projects. Architects, design offices and local authorities can now quickly and easily choose their street furniture and use augmented reality to check, from the screen of a smartphone, tablet, or computer, whether the chosen solution meets the requirements of their projects, and blends harmoniously into its environment.

Procity Studio gives you access to 3 functions: 

  • 3D visualisation,
  • Photo montage,
  • Augmented reality.

Procity Studio's "augmented reality" function allows you to insert one or more 3D products from the Procity range (benches, bus & bike shelters, bike racks, etc.) and then visualise the rendering, in a real environment, and from different angles, all with extreme precision. Each product is presented in the right proportions and in the right light to enhance its realism.
Users can use the available commands to move elements around to find the ideal configuration, modify certain characteristics (size, colour, choice of materials, etc.) to personalise their project. The digital tool also provides a detailed summary of essential information on all the items of street furniture equipment: dimensions, references, etc.

The experience does not stop there as a 'Photo Montage' function is also available. How it works: you can see a 3D sample of our catalogue solutions and then, check whether the selected elements fit into their environment by overlaying a photo of your choice. You do not need to know anything about computer graphics, you will have a highly realistic result in just a few clicks.

Where can I find Procity Studio? 

Simple and intuitive, Procity Studio can be accessed in two ways:

  • On a smartphone: for a complete augmented reality experience, download the Procity Studio application on your mobile, free of charge on IOS and Android.
  • On a PC: the tool is integrated directly on the website, in our product pages (Procity Studio section), for the 3D visualisation and Photo montage functions only.

Which products are available in 3D?

Nearly 200 Procity street furniture references, selected from our best-sellers, are available in our Procity Studio library, which you can use in the environments of your choice.

Other products will be added to the tool in 2024.

Getting started with Procity Studio

Our new app pushes the boundaries of creativity by combining the world around us with virtual elements to enhance the aesthetics, functionality and utility of street furniture. Enjoy it and have fun with it!

Tutorial videos are available below to help you to take your first steps on our new application. Click on the subject that interests you:

-      How do I project a product in augmented reality?

-      How do I configure a product and add items?

-      How do I configure a city railing?

-      How do I make a photo montage?

We hope you enjoy your 3-D experience with Procity Studio!

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new app
PROCITY STUDIO : augmented reality tool
We are very proud to present our new augmented reality tool, which will help you make informed decisions about your development projects. Our b...
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