PROCITY® achieves EN1090 certification

What is the "EN 1090" standard?

This is the applicable standard for aluminium and/or steel constructions such as our bus shelters and shelters. The application of the standard results in the certification of our Factory Production Control (CPU).

The CPU is a quality management system, just like an ISO 9001 system, oriented towards the control of manufacturing processes.

Compliance with this standard gives the right to affix CE marking to products marketed, i.e. it fully complies with European requirements in terms of quality and safety.

The EN 1090 standard is a mandatory standard.

EN 1090 certification for Procity®

The certification demonstrates that Procity® masters all of its processes for the execution of steel and aluminium structures, from design to the shipment of finished products:

  • Use of proven components and materials for our application (tube, sheet metal, screws, sections), all validated by independent wind and snow resistance calculations.
  • Control of material receipts through a certificate system.
  • Welding according to the rules of the art and control of the assemblies, thanks to trained and qualified team members.
  • An external welding coordinator makes it possible to control this process. Production control, both in terms of the material used and the conformity of the parts via the CPU.
  • Material traceability by tracking and archiving the information collected.
  • A CE marking that formalizes this conformity.
  • Audits carried out to guarantee the conformity of our system on a regular basis