Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier

Perfect for filtering vehicle traffic. The telescopic barrier adjusts to all road widths. (from 3.05 to 6.40 metres) - right down to the centimetre.

  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier-1
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier-2
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier-3
  • Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier-4
80 x 80 mm aluminium bar extended with 70 x 70 mm aluminium bar.

adjusts from 3200 to 6550 mm (distance between the axis of rotation and the end of the barrier) for a post-to-post width of 3050 to 6400 mm.

Opening system
rotation on stainless-steel axis on ball bearings. Counterweight must be integrated into a box attached to one end of the bar.

in raised position (on main post) or lowered position (on tip support post) with pin and padlock, included. Delivered with tip support post (steel).

painted white with red reflective strips (contact us for other colour options such as yellow and black).

on base plates with mounting hardware included.

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Procity Universal Boom Barrier: An Adaptable Aluminium Solution

Procity is proud to present the Universal Boom Barrier, a versatile and robust traffic control solution crafted from premium aluminium. This product reflects our enterprise's dedication to excellence in the urban furniture sector, offering a blend of durability, functionality, and design. Engineered with precision, our boom barrier caters to the varied requirements of communities and businesses, ensuring smooth operation and high performance in controlling vehicle access.

Technical Specifications of the Universal Boom Barrier

At the core of the Universal Boom Barrier's design is its adjustable structure, featuring an 80 x 80 mm aluminium bar extendable with a 70 x 70 mm aluminium bar. This adjustability allows the barrier to span widths from 3200 to 6550 mm, accommodating post-to-post widths of 3050 to 6400 mm. The opening mechanism is a testament to our commitment to quality, with rotation on a stainless-steel axis supported by ball bearings. This ensures a smooth and reliable pivot movement. For added stability, a counterweight is integrated into a box attached to one end of the barrier, balancing the structure effectively during operation. Secure locking is crucial, and the Universal Boom Barrier delivers by providing a locking system in both raised and lowered positions. This is achieved through the use of a pin and padlock, which are included, ensuring the barrier remains in the desired position when necessary. The package also includes a tip support post, constructed from steel, to anchor the barrier securely in place. Visually, the barrier is finished in painted white, complemented by red reflective strips for high visibility and safety. For those seeking a different aesthetic, alternative colour options, such as yellow and black, are available upon request. Installation is designed to be user-friendly, with the barrier arriving ready to mount on base plates using the included hardware. This streamlined process ensures that the Universal Boom Barrier can be set up efficiently, providing a reliable security measure for any site.

Utilisation of the Universal Boom Barrier

The Universal Boom Barrier's utility extends across various applications, from commercial complexes to public car parks and private premises. It is especially suited for regulating vehicle access, making it an indispensable component for traffic management in both urban and rural settings. The barrier's high-strength aluminium construction and maintenance-free operation make it a cost-effective choice for long-term use. With the ability to withstand diverse weather conditions and its ease of operation, the Procity Universal Boom Barrier is an excellent investment for any entity focused on safety, security, and traffic control.