Decorative Swivel Barrier

A decorative access control barrier that works well on its own or in conjunction with the Jersey decorative railing. An effective and aesthetically pleasing way to help manage traffic flows.

  • Decorative Swivel Barrier
  • Decorative Swivel Barrier
  • Decorative Swivel Barrier
  • Decorative Swivel Barrier
2010 mm.

steel tube 50 x 50 mm and 30 x 30 mm.

Opening system
pivot-mounted shaft.

with ø 20 mm pin and padlock (included). Can be locked at 90° in open position.

Locking options
11 mm triangle key or 14 mm captive triangle key.

galvanised and painted in our RAL colours.

on 200 x 200 mm base plate with concreted anchor rods (included).

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Decorative Swivel Barrier: The Versatile and Aesthetic Urban Solution

Product Overview

The Decorative Swivel Barrier by Procity is an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for managing traffic flow. As part of our Access Control and Parking catalogue, this product offers not only functionality but also an attractive design. Crafted with attention to detail and a keen understanding of urban design requirements, our Decorative Swivel Barrier is a perfect fit for both businesses and communal spaces.

Whether used individually or in conjunction with our Jersey decorative railing, the Decorative Swivel Barrier has the potential to enhance the overall appeal of any urban setting. Combining practicality with visual appeal, Procity continues to redefine the standard for urban furniture.

Technical Specifications

Procity's Decorative Swivel Barrier is made from high-quality materials including wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel. We believe in delivering products that withstand the test of time, so durability is one of our top priorities. The robust construction guarantees the durability of our barriers, while the swivel feature provides the versatility needed to manage traffic effectively.

Not only does the Decorative Swivel Barrier boast high-quality materials and a durable build, but it also comes with an easy installation process. With simple instructions and minimal tools required, setting up our barriers is a hassle-free task.


The Decorative Swivel Barrier can be utilised in a wide range of contexts. Its primary function is to control and manage the flow of traffic in both private and public spaces. Whether you are looking to implement traffic management in a parking lot, a private property, or a public park, our Decorative Swivel Barrier will serve as an efficient and visually pleasing solution.

Moreover, when paired with the Jersey decorative railing, the Decorative Swivel Barrier can also be used to demarcate specific areas within a larger space. This is especially useful in events, outdoor gatherings, or even everyday park settings where certain areas need to be set apart for specific uses.

In conclusion, the Decorative Swivel Barrier by Procity offers an effective, durable, and visually appealing solution for traffic management and space demarcation. With its high-quality construction and versatile design, it is a valuable addition to any urban setting.