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Outdoor ash trays

Why is it important to install ashtrays ?

An ashtray is an essential piece of furniture, whether it is in a public place or in a private business setting. It offers a solution for smokers to throw away their cigarette butt, and is sometimes a better choice than a simple litter bin.

Outdoor ashtrays are smaller than bins so easier to install anywhere. They help maintain the property of public spaces by offering a place to throw cigarettes in streets, buses and smoking shelters.

These installations are a major help to keep the city clean. Cigarette butts take ten years to degrade. If thrown in nature, they pollute the environment and damage it because of the chemicals released during its degradation.

Ashtrays specially designed for an outdoor use

Outdoor ashtray models come in several colors and forms to fit its environment at best. The most popular ones are shaped like bollards, so they have a double use. They are sign posts to block a way to vehicles that hold a cigarette butt tank. They can be placed on the sidewalk or at the entry of highly frequented sites, like malls or company offices.

These ashtrays can be cleared out at the bottom of the bollar, with a lock and key system. When the tank is full, you just have to open the base of the post and collect the trash.

Outdoor furniture is generally made to resist bad weather, rain and potential degradation. These ashtrays are made in steel, zinc or aluminum. It is recommended to galvanize outdoor ashtrays, a quick treatment to prevent rust.

Procity selection of high quality outdoor ashtrays

On Procity, you will find a wide range of choice for your future outdoor ashtrays. The classic Province models fit every use and environment and can be personalized according to your preferences : color, shape of the top of the bollard..

This way, it will match perfectly with the rest of the furniture (bicycle racks, smoking shelters..). There even is a Cigarette Bollard model, that is white and yellow like a cigarette so its use is clear and well indicated. Most outdoor ashtrays include a grill to put cigarettes out. This way, there is no risk of fire in the bin and also no bigger objects thrown in it.

Procity also proposes wall-mounted models, to save more space in the streets. They can be fixed in smoking shelters and bus shelters for instance. Most ashtrays have a capacity of 1500 cigarette butts.

Shop now on Procity to find the best products to equip your public spaces.

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