Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters

With its modern look, this litter bin blends subtly into the urban environment and coordinates perfectly with Silaos® seats and benches. Available with or without ashtray.

  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-1
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-2
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-3
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-4
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-5
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-6
  • Silaos® litter bin - 50 liters-7
502 mm L x 344 mm W x 953 mm H.

steel and PEFC certified oak, 22 mm thick.

zinc primed and painted in our colours and stained wood, light oak or mahogany finish.

takes 50-litre bags (not included).

Opening system
tilting bin, locks with triangle key.

Version with ashtray
drawer-style ashtray, 0.7-litre capacity, locks with triangle key.

concreted directly into ground or on base plates.

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Silaos Litter Bin - 50 Liters: A Product Overview

At Procity, we specialise in crafting high-quality urban furniture and the Silaos Litter Bin - 50 litres is no exception. Boasting an elegant design, our litter bin seamlessly integrates into any urban or park setting, both enhancing and respecting the environment, and aiding in the maintenance of cleanliness and order within public spaces. With a focus on sustainability and robustness, the Silaos litter bin stands as a testament to Procity's commitment to durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products.

Technical Description of Silaos Litter Bin

The Silaos Litter Bin - 50 litres is expertly crafted by employing a combination of wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, each chosen for its unique properties. The bin's sturdy structure is made from steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to vandalism. The lid is constructed from aluminium for its lightness and resistance to rust, while the wooden slats surrounding the bin's body offer a natural aesthetic and additional durability. With a generous capacity of 50 litres, the Silaos litter bin is designed to handle a high level of waste effectively, making it ideal for busy areas. Maintenance is also made simple with easy access to the inner liner for waste removal.

Applications of Silaos Litter Bin - 50 Liters

The Silaos Litter Bin - 50 litres is versatile in its application, making it a sought-after addition for a range of environments. It is perfectly suited for placement in public areas such as parks, streets, squares, and commercial establishments. Municipalities and private businesses alike can benefit from the implementation of this litter bin, aiding in the promotion of clean and healthy environments for residents, visitors, and customers. Its robust design and sizeable capacity make it the ideal choice for high-traffic areas where waste management is key.

In conclusion, the Silaos Litter Bin - 50 litres, expertly manufactured by Procity, is an excellent balance of form and function. Its timeless design, coupled with its robust construction and generous capacity, make it a standout choice in urban furniture. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of public spaces but also promotes cleanliness and order, reflecting our commitment to creating products that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

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