Venice litter bin 120 litres

This large-capacity litter bin features a front-side door for easy bag insertion and removal. Its modern design is available in a number of different versions.

  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-1
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-2
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-3
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-4
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-5
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-6
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-7
  • Venice litter bin 120 litres-8

Two sizes:

  • Standard version: width 590 x depth 435 x height 845 mm.
  • Covered version: width 595 x depth 435 x height 1025 mm.

Capacity: takes 120-litre bags (not included).

steel, laser-cut sheet metal.

equipped with a triangle-key lock.

Version with ashtray
drawer-style ashtray, 0.7-litre capacity, locks with triangle key.

galvanised and painted in a single or two colours in our RAL colours.

with anchor rods (not included).

self-adhesive stainless-steel cigarette stubber.

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Venice Litter Bin 120 Litres: A Contemporary Solution for Urban Waste Management

Overview of the Product

The Venice litter bin 120 litres, a product from our esteemed Procity collection, is a prime example of successful utilitarian design. This large-capacity bin offers an innovative solution to urban waste management, combining functionality with style. Designed for user-friendly operation, it features a front door for easy bag insertion and removal, thus simplifying tasks for municipal workers. The modern design, available in various configurations, fits seamlessly into any urban environment, be it a bustling city centre or a tranquil park. Our company, Procity, holds a prestigious position in the urban furniture manufacturing sector, renowned for our high-quality products in wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel.

Technical Specifications

The Venice 120-litre litter bin is more than just a waste receptacle. It is a well-engineered piece of urban furniture that reflects our commitment to quality and efficiency. The bin’s structure is composed of steel, laser-cut sheet metal, guaranteeing durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. A secure lid, equipped with a triangle-key lock, ensures safety and cleanliness. For smokers, we provide a version with an ashtray, a drawer-style unit with a 0.7-litre capacity that also locks with a triangle key. The finish is galvanised, painted in a single or two colours from our RAL colour range, allowing you to customise the bin according to your aesthetic preferences or requirements. Installation requires anchor rods, not included in the package.


Procity's Venice litter bin 120 litres is ideal for a wide range of settings. Its large capacity is particularly beneficial for high-traffic areas, such as city streets, parks, shopping centres, and public transportation terminals, where waste generation is typically high. The bin's modern design and customisable colours allow it to blend in with different architectural styles, enhancing the visual appeal of any space. It supports efforts to maintain cleanliness in urban areas, promoting civic responsibility among citizens while aiding waste management personnel in their daily tasks.

In conclusion, the Venice litter bin 120 litres from Procity is a versatile, practical, and aesthetically pleasing solution for urban waste management. By incorporating this litter bin into your urban environment, you are not just promoting cleanliness, but also contributing to the creation of pleasant, well-maintained public spaces that reflect your commitment to the community.

A collection with a contemporary design that discreetly brings modernity to public spaces: clearly identified by the characteristic decorative steel sheet work.

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