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Quality built to last

Steel, anti-corrosion treatments, longevity guaranteed


Our products can be hot dip galvanised.

This process consists of immersing products with heavy usage (bicycle stands or installations in a saline environment) in a bath of liquid zinc at 450°C, completely protecting the inside and the outside of the product against corrosion.

This allows a 10 year warranty against corrosion in normal operating conditions.

We recommend requesting all steel products installed in - or close to - a maritime location (within 5km), or beside heavily salted roads or other strongly corrosive environments to be galvanised to ensure their longevity.

Zinc Primer Powder Coating

 A primer with high metallic zinc content, where high-purity zinc particles are sprayed uniformly on the product to prevent corrosion. This is used for products in a standard environment allowing a 5 year warranty against corrosion in normal operating conditions.

Anti-UV polyester topcoat

Our products can be galvanised & painted or zinc primed & painted, depending on the environment into which they will be installed. After galvanisation a product is baked, sanded, degreased, finished with an anti-UV polyurethane topcoat applied by a gun, then baked at 80°C. Products which are zinc primed and painted, initially are shot blasted to clean the product, to ensure smoothness and improve adhesion on the primer. Then powder coated with a anti-UV polyester topcoat then baked at 180°C-200°C. All PROCITY® products have a choice of colour finishes in our standard RAL colours. For other RAL colours please contact us.


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