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A sustainable and responsible approach to build the world of tomorrow

Preservation of natural resources and recycling

Designing products whose strength limits the frequency of renewal is our first way of preserving natural resources. But we do not stop there, concerned about the protection of the environment, we have set up ambitious recycling processes, without sacrificing anything to the quality of the products: 

100% of steel, aluminium and packaging are recycled.

100% of waste (oil, paint, etc…) are collected are processed by specialised waste disposal.

We also hold the right to use the PEFC mark, certifying that the timber used our products comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. It is in this spirit that we created the Silaos collection, an eco-responsible collection with PEFC certified timber and water-based stain.

5 year and 10 year warranty on corrosion

All products manufactured in one of our three factories have a 5 years warranty*

The warranty conditions include:

  • The conformity and origin of our raw materials

  • The precision of cuts, bends and assembly

  • The quality of the welds

  • The waterproofness of our outdoor noticeboards

  • The quality of the finishes of the paints and their anti-UV resistance.

All products that have undergone a hop dip galvanising or anodising process have a 10 year warranty on corrosion. 

Phosphate treated and painted products have a 2 year warranty on corrosion.

Since timber is a living material, the warranty of products containing wood is limited to 2 years.

* excludes saline environments (within 5km of maritime locations, besides heavily salted roads or other strongly corrosive environments…)

Labels et norms

We are one of the few manufacturers to offer all RAL colours in our offer.

Whether zinc primed and painted or galvanized and painted, our service provider tests the paint quality of our products in terms of impact resistance, adhesion, paint thickness.

Lastly, we are particularly vigilant about regulatory changes and constantly strive to ensure strict compliance with the standards in force.

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