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Recycled plastic

Sustainability and recycling: pillars of our environmental commitment

Manufacturer of quality street furniture, PROCITY® is committed to protecting the environment. Whether it be in terms of the design and manufacture of street furniture, but also product packaging and transport. Fundamental to this eco-responsible and environmentally friendly approach is the choice of raw materials for our products. Following steel, aluminum and wood, our range of street furniture will be enhanced in 2021 with an additional raw material: recycled plastic.

This greener choice comes from the process of eco-design that we have adopted to develop - among others - the environmentally friendly Silaos® street furniture. To create this innovative range, from its conception phase our designers focused on 2 priority aspects:

  1. Resistance to wear and tear and inclement weather for an effective response to the intensive usage conditions of urban equipment in outdoor spaces.
  2. The environmental performance of the urban equipment manufactured, in order to control its environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of the products.

Depending on the use and intended purpose of the product within the urban landscape, other aspects were also carefully considered. Particularly all aspects regarding functionality, ergonomics, the comfort and well-being of the users, the style and aesthetic appearance to ensure a harmonious blending in with the urban or landscaped environments.

An excellent example of this eco-design initiative is the Silaos® bench, since its unique frame can hold various ergonomic wood or recycled plastic seat slats or steel seat. The recycled plastic slats contain a reinforcing galvanised steel bar at their core which significantly increases the durability and stability of the seats by reducing any possible distortion.

What kind of recycled plastic do we use?

The product of industrial and domestic plastic waste recycling, the material we use is premium quality and truly environmentally friendly.

Plastic recycling and environmental processing technology

Our raw material supplier partners in the plastic recycling stream, guarantee a sorting of quality recyclable "waste plastics" collected from domestic & public recycling bins. Not all plastic waste can be recycled, PVC for example emits dioxins when incinerated. We primarily use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which can both be recycled perfectly well. The technology for processing used plastic packaging into blocks or pellets, the transformation into finished product through compression and injection moulding ensures manufacturing without harmful emissions for nature. Extremely importantly, this industrial processing procedure for waste plastic materials has a neutral impact on water.

Quality assured 5-year warranty

The "Blue Angel" label has been awarded to our plastic material recycling partner. This label, of German origin, is awarded to SMEs and SMIs who reduce the harmful effects of their production for the environment, in this case while maintaining a standard of quality, reliability and safety that is identical to that of new plastic. This meets our requirements in terms of quality since the specifications for compliance with this certification are deemed particularly strict.The recycled plastic used in our products therefore guaranteed to be delivered without material defects and with a 5-year warranty for standard use. (Note: the colour is not covered by any warranty). 

Recycled plastic street furniture: what are the benefits?

Extreme resistance

Recycled plastic is ideal for equipping community spaces in public areas with furniture that is resistant to a "harsh" climate, namely rain, hail, ice a snow. Particularly important in areas on or near to the coast and other saline environments.

Apart from its resistance to inclement weather and wear and tear, recycled plastic street furniture is particularly robust. It has excellent impact resistance, even vandalism and any graffiti is easily removed.

Hydrophobic, its water-repellent nature means it does not absorb water and dries quickly, increasing user convenience.

Significant cost savings

Due both to its extreme sustainability in terms of use, and to its low maintenance and servicing costs.

The packaging of our recycled plastic outdoor furniture and benches is yet another economic incentive. The components are delivered flat-packed rather than assembled resulting in less volume meaning greater savings on transportation and a smaller carbon footprint.

Low environmental impact

Plastic - apart from PVC - from industrial or domestic sorted waste recycling can be infinitely recycled. Applying circular economy principles, this recycled and recyclable raw material helps minimise the environmental production footprint of our recycled plastic street furniture, as well as that of the urban or green space development they equip.

Discover our new range of Silaos outdoor furniture integrating recycled plastic street. Contact us to find out more about the new products from our designers launched in 2021.

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