What does outdoor seating stand for?

Benches are the most common form of outdoor public seating. They are convenient because they offer several spaces and it do not take up a lot of space. They can be found in the streets, public parks and campuses. Outdoor seating can have numerous details and ‘options’, like backrests, armrests... depending on preferences and budget.

The importance of outdoor seating

Street furniture is thought to answer a very specific need expressed by users, and seating is one of them. Conception and fabrication of outdoor seating must tick boxes, depending on where the bench is located.

The choice of benches in an urban area is quite a difficult task, because of every affecting factor of the town that must be taken into account. For instance, weather must be looked at with a magnifying lens because that is what will determine your choice of material. For a rainy or coastline region, your outdoor seating must be resistant, corrosion and rot proof. A lot of materials can be used to make benches: steel, cast iron, wood, concrete, plastic...

One of the difficulties when choosing benches and outdoor furniture is to combine quality products with an affordable cost. Shopping on Procity offers the guarantee of the best price-quality ratio.

Procity selection of outdoor seating

In addition to quality, Procity offers an important range of colours when choosing benches. In this way, your outdoor seating will fit its installation environment as best as possible.

Because technological progress is made to help ecology and the environment, Procity proposes the Riga model, made of recycled plastic. As tough as any other material, it helps reduce waste and upcycle former plastic objects. This bench is simple and affordable, a very good entry-level model.

You can also find more designs, like the Pagoda and Silaos models that ally wood and steel. It is well known that the association of these two materials reflect a rustic and stylish image. It also provides high comfort seating.

On Procity, unique and original models of benches can be found for more specific needs. For example, the Nursery bench is a variation of the Silaos bench for children. It offers bright colours and an adapted height for children to sit.

You will also find Kube models that can be combined to form a customised version of outdoor seating to fit your need for street furniture. You live in a windy and rainy region? opt for the Estoril bench, a steel model that can be concreted directly into the ground to guarantee its solidity.