Silaos® tree benches

This elegant and discreet seat blends in perfectly with its environment and provides comfortable seating around small or large trees, within the simple style of the Silaos® collection. Tree seats are equivalent to 6 seats.

  • Silaos® tree benches
  • Silaos® tree benches
  • Silaos® tree benches
  • Silaos® tree benches

Technical features

Two versions of the hexagonal tree bench:

  • internal ø 1000 mm, external dimensions: 2212 x 1929 mm.
  • internal ø 2000 mm, external dimensions: 3368 x 2930 mm.

Total height: 821 mm.

Seat height: 450 mm.

Structure: 30 x 50 mm steel tube, zinc primed and painted in our colours.

Seat and back: PEFC certified oak, 36 mm deep, light oak or mahogany stain finish.

Installation: on base plates.

If installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details.