Access control & parking

Many drivers use public parking or companies’ private car parks. Procity offers an entire line of equipment which will help you manage access control and parking solutions, and guarantee users and vehicles safety.

View our wide range of parking equipment

Our full line of parking equipment includes a variety of products to meet all your needs. We offer:

  • Pay points and charging point shelters ;
  • Height restrictors and access gates ;
  • Anti-parking bollards ;
  • Speed bumps, and safety mirrors.

Since car parks are used intensively daily, we made it a priority to design and manufacture a range of reliable and heavy-duty parking equipment. This means that you are guaranteed high grade products by our quality management team not only for our best sellers (access gates, control box protectors, poles, and bollards), but for all our access control and parking equipment.

Signage has been a part of Procity’s lines since the beginning, and we are happy to provide our customers with different road marking products, like line marking machines and line markers to designate parking spaces.

For any information regarding temporary layout solutions or vehicle and pedestrian flow management, please have a look at our anti-parking bollards category including removable bollards and cones with chain holders.