Cigarette ashtray bin

A variation on the cigarette bollard. Installs on the post of any shelter, or on a wall with the wall-mounted base plate option.

  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-1
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-2
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-3
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-4
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-5
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-6
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-7
  • Cigarette ashtray bin-8
quick, easy and clean through the bottom of the tube. Lockable with a triangle key.

ø 76 mm steel. cast aluminium top.

to extinguish cigarettes and prevent larger objects from entering the ashtray.

600 mm.

zinc primed and painted in “cigarette colours” or single colour.

base plate version for wall-mounting.

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Procity Cigarette Ashtray Bin: The Ultimate Urban Furniture Solution

Procity, renowned for producing urban furniture in wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, presents the Cigarette Ashtray Bin, a necessity in the categories of Smoking and Vaping Solutions and Outdoor Ash Trays. This urban amenity is designed to serve public spaces and businesses with a purposeful solution to maintain cleanliness and respect for the environment.

Technical Description

With an understanding of the needs of modern urban spaces, Procity has developed the Cigarette Ashtray Bin with utmost technical precision. This product is an improved variant of the cigarette bollard and is designed for easy installation on the post of any shelter or on a wall, with the provision of a wall-mounted base plate option. Crafted with resilience, the Cigarette Ashtray Bin withstands the test of time and weather. Manufactured in premium materials like wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, the bin ensures durability and reliability.

Designed with technical expertise, the Cigarette Ashtray Bin is user-friendly and easy to maintain. The bin is created with a functional design that ensures prompt disposal of cigarette butts without any hazards, confirming the safety of the users and cleanliness of the environment. The robust construction of the bin ensures it stays securely in place, providing a consistent solution for public spaces and businesses.

Areas of Application

The Procity Cigarette Ashtray Bin is not just a product but a comprehensive solution designed to cater to various sectors. It serves an essential role in maintaining cleanliness in outdoor public areas such as parks, squares, and streets. Besides, it is an indispensable amenity for businesses like restaurants, cafes, and offices that have designated smoking areas.

This Cigarette Ashtray Bin helps in achieving cleanliness and environmental preservation by ensuring that cigarette butts are disposed of in a designated place, thereby reducing littering and associated risks. Procity's commitment to providing sustainable solutions is evident in this product, which serves a dual purpose of meeting the needs of smokers and maintaining environmental cleanliness.

In conclusion, Procity’s Cigarette Ashtray Bin is a testament to our expertise in creating purposeful and durable urban furniture. With an emphasis on functionality, technical precision and environmental responsibility, this product serves as an essential addition to public spaces and businesses, aiding in cleanliness and providing a designated disposal system for cigarette butts.