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Street barriers help to manage pedestrian flows, prevent illegal parking and make roads and outdoor areas, such as school exits, safer. The town barrier is, of course, a piece of safety equipment that forms part of the street furniture used to protect those using public spaces.

That’s why their sturdiness and weather-resistance are top priority for our French manufacturing plants. Just like their design, which we study carefully to ensure the best possible fit for public spaces. Town barriers can thus be integrated seamlessly into urban development projects for public spaces in towns and cities and on local roads.

Procity town barriers are synonymous with high quality, aesthetically pleasing lines of street furniture. The urban collection includes bollards and posts, urban benches, shrub and flower planters, litter bins, as well as urban shelters for public use, etc.

Take a look at our wide range and choice of styles, shapes, RAL colours and finishes on our website in the "COLLECTIONS" section. Our range of street furniture for schools features cheerful, colourful decor intended for children, which are reflected on our street barriers and outdoor fittings that act as roadside railings.

In addition to delimiting urban space and providing safety features for schoolchildren/pedestrians and residents, the purpose of these "children’s" safety barriers is to give greater impact to the visual signage of schools. As a result, cyclists, motorists and public transport users will be more cautious, and traffic lanes and cycle paths will be safer and better shared.

Building on our expertise in urban street equipment, we now develop and manufacture other types of barriers in addition to the street barrier, to meet the various needs of both public authorities and private entities:

  • Police barriers or demonstration barriers with bars can be used to temporarily manage the flow of people and vehicles on public roads.
  • For businesses open to the public (PABs) or car parks, car park barriers, parking barriers and fixed or temporary protection barriers better delimit the indoor/outdoor areas of buildings, to manage visitor flows and queues more effectively (particularly in terms of compliance with the rules on distance and barrier movements).
  • For safety in factories and on construction sites, safety barriers can secure and protect a work area or site where there is a risk of accidents or where work is ongoing. In this case, specific red and white signage is used.

You can find all of these products in the relevant sections or by typing "barrier" into the search bar on this site. If you need any information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales department and our partner distributors specialising in urban protective equipment are at your disposal.

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