Conviviale “home-time” railing

A perfect combination of maximum safety and playful design to keep kids safe and happy. This railing includes mesh and an additional upper horizontal for extra safety. Above all it features a space for fun characters designed especially for kids.

  • Conviviale “home-time” railing
  • Conviviale “home-time” railing
  • Conviviale “home-time” railing
  • Conviviale “home-time” railing
1500 mm

square mesh 5 mm diameter wire

Height above ground
1100 mm

Ground clearance
150 mm

steel tubes 40 x 40 mm

zinc primed and painted in our colours

concreted directly into ground (base plates available as option). Can be made removable with the Lockblock® socket system for removable railings

Character decoration
galvanised steel sheet 3 mm

galvanised and painted in one of the specific colours shown

Characters are factory fitted only

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Designed on the basis of daily observation of the users of street furniture and in accordance with recommendations on accessibility of pavements.

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Bright colours, functionality and suitable dimensions for this equipment dedicated to the young and to their environment.

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