Wave pergola

The Wave pergola allows the creation of shaded areas in public areas, thus helping to make the periods of high heat more enjoyable. Its wave-like appearance and the combination of wood and steel make it particularly elegant and easy to integrate into any environment.

  • Wave pergola
  • Wave pergola
  • Wave pergola
  • Wave pergola
  • Wave pergola
  • Wave pergola
  • Wave pergola-1
  • Wave pergola-2
  • Wave pergola-3
  • Wave pergola-4
  • Wave pergola-5
  • Wave pergola-6
length 2520 x height 2910 x depth 3020 mm

80 x 80 mm steel tubes

14 untreated softwood beams with a thickness of 36 mm. When installing, the orientation of the roof beams will determine whether the roof takes on a domed or concave shape

additional units

galvanised and painted metailwork in our colors

on galvanised base plates, height adjustable feet, expansion bolts provided

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