Bike repair point & air pump

The bike repair point and pump are essential accessories in our towns and cities today. Composed of two elements, it allows for any type of common repair to assist a cyclist in continuing their journey.

  • Bike repair point & air pump
  • Bike repair point & air pump
  • Bike repair point & air pump
  • Bike repair point & air pump
height 1370 x width 752 x depth 216 mm.

possibility to suspend 2 bikes simultaneously.

Repair point structure
body made of welded steel tube Ø 159 mm and steel crossbars Ø 25 mm. Brushed stainless steel cover.

Pump structure
body made of steel tube Ø 133 mm.

galvanized steel painted in our colours.

on a base plate, 3 anchoring points Ø 10 mm (expansion bolts not included). Bicycle sticker supplied.

Many tools available
1 Pozidriv cross-head screwdriver, 1 flat-head screwdriver, 2 combination wrenches (13 and 15 mm), three-armed Torx key (T10, T15, T25), hex key set, a pair of black plastic tire levers. Tools attached with a transparent PVC coated stainless steel cable Ø 3 mm Ø 5 mm. Pump equipped with 3 fittings (Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop).

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