3D in urban planning

3D in urban planning refers to a representation of products with width, height and depth. The mixture of colours, textures, virtual lights and perspective, allow a representation closer to reality.

Our street furniture from all angles!

Procity moves into a new dimension with the provision of 3D files for its partners. Different types of formats are offered to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

  • Always mindful of being as close as possible to market expectations, we have implemented this approach to: Accompany urban planning projects in a dynamic way: installation of furniture in the projects for a rendering close to reality in order to allow a future vision of the choices made.
  • Propose a new vision for local authorities and companies: a simplified and pleasant approach to successfully carry out urban planning projects.
  • Increase specification in tenders and offer a modern vision of street furniture.

Benches, planters, railings... Find our new 3D section here, and join our new three-dimensional universe.