16-Space Bicycle Rack

This rack has space for two rows of 8 bikes parked face to face.

  • 16-Space Bicycle Rack
  • 16-Space Bicycle Rack
  • 16-Space Bicycle Rack-1
  • 16-Space Bicycle Rack-2
16 spaces

steel, frame 30 x 30 mm and ø 38 mm

2604 mm

galvanised steel, includes side panels lacquered in Procity® grey with bike parking motif

on base plates with ø 13 mm holes (bolts for base plates not included)

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16-Space Bicycle Rack by Procity: Urban Furniture Innovation


At Procity, we understand the importance of efficient urban infrastructure. Our commitment to providing high-quality, durable urban furniture solutions has led us to create the 16-Space Bicycle Rack, a product that combines practicality with sleek design. This bike rack caters to the increasing demand for secure, designated bicycle parking in urban settings, supporting the growing trend towards healthier, more sustainable modes of transportation.

Technical Specifications

The 16-Space Bicycle Rack is designed for robustness. It is constructed from a range of top-grade materials, including wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, promising durability and longevity. This rack accommodates two rows of eight bicycles parked face-to-face, effectively utilising space while still allowing for easy access and plenty of room for cyclists to manoeuvre.

From a design perspective, Procity's 16-Space Bicycle Rack is stylish and modern, blending seamlessly into any urban environment. Its aesthetic appeal doesn't compromise its functionality, with a design that facilitates easy bicycle mounting and dismounting. It also features a high-visibility finish to aid cyclists during low-light conditions, underscoring our attention to user safety.

Application and Use

The 16-Space Bicycle Rack is a versatile tool, perfectly suited for various environments. Be it for municipalities looking to enhance their local cycling infrastructure or businesses wanting to provide secure parking solutions for their cycling employees, the Procity 16-Space Bicycle Rack offers a reliable solution. It is also an excellent choice for educational institutions seeking to promote cycling among students and staff or shopping centres wanting to cater to a wider demographic of customers.

In summary, with Procity's 16-Space Bicycle Rack, users get a product that is designed with the urban cyclist in mind, from its sturdy construction to its efficient design. In providing this high-quality, user-friendly bicycle parking solution, we continue to contribute towards more sustainable, cyclist-friendly urban environments. Trust Procity for your urban furniture needs, and experience the difference that a well-thought-out, high-quality product can make.