Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter

The Voute "wide" smoking shelter has a depth close to 3 meters thus allowing to accommodate more smokers while respecting personal space.

  • Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter
  • Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter
  • Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter
  • Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter
  • Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter-1
  • Voute "L" smoking and vaping shelter-2
Two lengths
2500 mm or 5000 mm (entrance width 1000 mm).

2692 mm.

2768 mm.

Square posts
80 x 80 mm steel tubes on base plates.

Roof frame
40 x 60 mm steel-tube crossbars and aluminium-profile rain gutters. Dome supports made from curved aluminium profiles.

anti-UV-treated translucent cellular polycarbonate dome, 6 mm thick.

Front, side and back panels
8 mm safety glass with safety markings.

Panel attachment
pinch-grip system for easy replacement in case of vandalism.

galvanised and painted in our RAL colours.

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Voute-L: The Comprehensive Smoking and Vaping Shelter

The Voute-L Smoking and Vaping Shelter is a state-of-the-art solution from Procity, designed to offer a designated area for smokers and vapers. This shelter combines functionality with modern design, aligning with Procity's ethos of providing high-quality urban furniture that meets the demands of contemporary public spaces.

Design and Features of the Voute-L Shelter

Our shelter boasts a sleek and resilient structure, crafted to accommodate the needs of both smokers and vapers. The Voute-L is designed with consideration for user comfort and environmental protection, ensuring a pleasant and secure space for its occupants. The design of the Voute-L Shelter incorporates durable materials capable of withstanding the rigours of daily use and adverse weather conditions. With its robust construction, it serves as a long-lasting installation for any public or private property. Safety and compliance are at the forefront of the Voute-L's design. It adheres to all relevant regulations, providing a safe and legally compliant area for smoking and vaping. This compliance is vital for businesses and public facilities to maintain health and safety standards. Aesthetically, the Voute-L Shelter is crafted to blend seamlessly into various settings, from corporate environments to hospitality venues. Its neutral colour palette and contemporary styling ensure that it will complement rather than clash with surrounding architecture and landscapes.

Installation and Maintenance

Procity understands the importance of convenience, which is why the Voute-L Shelter is engineered for easy installation. It comes complete with all necessary fixtures, allowing for a hassle-free setup process. In terms of maintenance, the Voute-L is designed to be low upkeep. Its materials are selected for their longevity and ease of cleaning, ensuring that the shelter remains in pristine condition with minimal effort. Regular cleaning and occasional inspections are all that is required to maintain the shelter's appearance and functionality.


The Voute-L Smoking and Vaping Shelter is more than just a place for smokers and vapers. It is a thoughtful addition to any space, designed to respect non-smokers while providing a dedicated area for those who smoke or vape. With Procity's commitment to quality and design, the Voute-L is an investment in both functionality and the aesthetic value of any space it occupies.

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