Stainless steel fixed bollard Ø76mm

A brushed stainless steel bollard with a contemporary look, which will blend in with modern projects as well as more traditional ones.

Also available in ø 90 mm or 114 mm.

  • Stainless steel fixed bollard Ø76mm
  • Stainless steel fixed bollard Ø76mm
  • Stainless steel fixed bollard Ø76mm
  • Stainless steel fixed bollard Ø76mm
Above-ground height
900 mm

Total height
1080 mm

Brushed 304 stainless steel tube
2 mm thick

Top cap
in brushed 304 stainless steel

brushed stainless steel

concreted directly into ground (concrete depth 180 mm). Can be made removable with Lockblock® 21

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Presenting the Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard Ø76mm

Procity, a leading manufacturer in urban furniture, introduces the Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard Ø76mm, a modern piece of equipment that perfectly aligns with our commitment to durability, design, and quality. As a vital part of our Bollards & Posts category, this product is crafted to seamlessly blend with contemporary as well as traditional projects. The bollard, with its sleek, cylindrical design and understated finish, ensures functionality while enhancing aesthetic value.

Technical Specifications

The Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard Ø76mm is designed with precision and an eye for detail. It stands at an above-ground height of 900 mm and a total height of 1080 mm, providing optimal visibility. The bollard is made from a 2mm thick tube of 304-grade stainless steel, known for its superior corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. The top cap, too, is made from brushed 304 stainless steel, ensuring a uniform look. The overall finish is brushed stainless steel, lending it a sleek, modern look that remains uncompromised over time. For installation, the bollard is directly concreted into the ground, ensuring stability and durability. The required depth for concrete is 180mm. An additional feature is that it can be made removable with a Lockblock® 21, thus offering flexibility in its use.

Application Areas

The Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard Ø76mm by Procity finds its application in a variety of settings. It is perfect for urban spaces, offering a subtle yet effective solution for traffic management and pedestrian safety. Whether it's a busy high street, corporate premises, public parks, or private property, this bollard provides a robust and stylish solution to control vehicle access and protect pedestrian areas. Its timeless design complements various architectural styles helping it blend into any environment seamlessly.

With Procity, quality is guaranteed. Our products are designed and manufactured with careful consideration of their environment, ensuring they meet the highest standards. The Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard Ø76mm underscores our commitment to providing effective, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for urban environments.