Junior cologne litter bin - 40 litres

Fun colours for children's' areas.

  • Junior cologne litter bin - 40 litres
  • Junior cologne litter bin - 40 litres
  • Junior cologne litter bin - 40 litres
  • Junior cologne litter bin - 40 litres-1
ø 370 mm x 590 mm high.

takes 40 litre bags (not included).

exotic hardwood slats.

single or multicoloured lacquered finish - RAL 3020 (red), RAL 1023 (yellow), RAL 6018 (green), RAL 5010 (blue).

Inner bucket

on base plates.

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Procity's Junior Cologne Litter Bin - The Reliable Choice for Communities and Businesses

At Procity, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and tidy environments, especially in children's areas. Our Junior Cologne Litter Bin is a testament to this commitment. With its brilliant design that combines functionality with aesthetics, this litter bin is an optimal choice for both communities and businesses. Available in fun colours, it not only serves as a useful addition to any outdoor space but also adds a touch of vibrancy. The 40-litre bin, made with robust materials, is designed to withstand the test of time, making it a smart investment for long-term use.

Technical Specifications of the Junior Cologne Litter Bin

Our Junior Cologne Litter Bin comes with a capacity of 40 litres, suitable for high-traffic areas like parks, playgrounds, and commercial spaces. It is constructed from durable materials including wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel. The bin is light-weight, ensuring ease of handling and relocation as needed. The materials used are also resistant to common environmental factors such as rain, sun, and snow, reducing the likelihood of damage over time. The bin’s design incorporates a bag holder to secure the litter bag in place, facilitating easy replacement of bags and ensuring that litter remains contained. The Junior Cologne Litter Bin is available in a range of colours and finishes, allowing you to choose a bin that complements its environment perfectly.

Applications of the Junior Cologne Litter Bin

Procity's Junior Cologne Litter Bin is versatile, making it a suitable choice for various settings. It can be used in parks and playgrounds, where it not only helps maintain cleanliness but also adds a fun element to the area with its colourful design. For businesses, the bin is an excellent addition to outdoor communal areas such as break areas or smoking zones, helping to promote cleanliness among employees and visitors. Councils and local authorities can use it in streets or public transport stops to maintain a litter-free environment. Its robust construction makes it ideal for areas with high footfall, ensuring it can cope with heavy usage without compromising on performance.

The Junior Cologne Litter Bin by Procity is not just a product, it's a solution. It helps maintain clean, enjoyable public spaces, whilst also encouraging responsible waste disposal. We believe in creating products that serve a purpose while adding value to the environment. The Junior Cologne Litter Bin is a reflection of this belief, offering a combination of functionality and style that sets it apart from other litter bins on the market.

Bright colours, functionality and suitable dimensions for this equipment dedicated to the young and to their environment.

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