City removable lockable steel bollard

A removable bollard with a lock positioned close to the top.

  • City removable lockable steel bollard
  • City removable lockable steel bollard
unlock and rotate bollard to remove it from the socket

turn the bollard in place to drop it down 1 into the socket. Complete the turn to lock

Height above ground
850 mm (excluding top cap)

Steel tube
ø 76 mm

Choice of 3 bollard styles
City, Agora or Sphere

zinc primed and painted in our colours

placed in a specific socket, which is concreted into the ground. Identical keys or 11 mm triangle key

delivered with 3 keys or one 11 mm triangle key depending on model

if installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details

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Designed to last over time.

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