Swivel Barrier

2300 mm swivel barrier for access control equipped with a vertical tube to install signage.

  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
2300 mm.

Passage width
2150 mm.

steel tube, ø 60 mm.

Opening system
pivot-mounted shaft.

with ø 20 mm pin and padlock (included). Can be locked at 90° in open position.

galvanised steel or paint over galvanised steel in our colours.

on 200 x 200 mm base plate with concreted anchor rods (included).

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Swivel Barrier: The Functional and Versatile Urban Furniture by Procity

At Procity, we take pride in furnishing the urban spaces with functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture. The Swivel Barrier, part of our Access Control & Parking and Height Restrictors categories, represents this goal perfectly. Made with a keen attention to detail and quality, the Swivel Barrier is an elegant addition to any urban landscape, whether it be a park, public square, or commercial area.

Quality Construction for Durability

Recognised for our top-notch craftsmanship, Procity manufactures the Swivel Barrier using robust materials including wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel. Measuring 2300 mm, the barrier boasts a swivel design that allows for easy installation and manipulation. The construction includes a vertical tube that is specifically crafted to accommodate signage. This key feature makes the Swivel Barrier not only a sturdy piece of urban furniture but also an efficient tool for area demarcation, information display, and traffic regulation. Our design and manufacturing processes adhere to strict standards, ensuring that each Swivel Barrier is durable, weather-resistant, and maintenance-free.

Wide Range of Applications

As a versatile solution, the Swivel Barrier is ideal for a multitude of settings. Municipalities and businesses alike can benefit from its utility. It can be used to control access in parking areas, preventing unauthorised entry while offering a clear visual guide for visitors. It can also serve as a height restrictor, deterring over-height vehicles from entering specific areas. Furthermore, with the option to attach signage, the Swivel Barrier is effective in communicating important messages or directions to pedestrians and drivers. The possibilities are numerous, further demonstrating the Swivel Barrier's versatility and the ingenuity behind its creation.

In conclusion, The Swivel Barrier by Procity is more than just a piece of urban furniture. It is a functional and versatile solution designed with the highest quality materials, promising durability and performance. Through this innovative product, Procity continues to contribute to well-organised and aesthetically pleasing urban spaces, reflecting our commitment to the community and the environment.