Venice recycling point bin

Our Venice litter bin is available in selective sorting thanks to its double compartment. This outdoor recycling point bin make it possible to recover recyclable waste and thus participate in eco-responsible approaches to protect the planet.

  • Venice recycling point bin
  • Venice recycling point bin
  • Venice recycling point bin
  • Venice recycling point bin
ø 450 x height 845 mm.

takes two 60-litre bags (not included).

steel and sheet metal.

Body in 2 mm thick cut sheet metal, Venice decor.

equipped with a triangle-key lock.

galvanised and painted in our RAL colours.

with anchor rods (not included).

self-adhesive stainless-steel cigarette stubber.

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Venice Recycling Point Bin: An Eco-Conscious Solution for Urban Spaces

Product Overview

The Venice Recycling Point Bin, a product of Procity, is a distinguished piece of urban furniture designed for green spaces and other urban environments. Procity, renowned for crafting premium quality urban furniture, showcases its expertise and commitment to environmental sustainability through this product. This double compartment bin caters to selective sorting, making it an instrumental asset in implementing eco-friendly approaches and encouraging citizens to play an active role in protecting the planet.

Technical Specifications

The Venice Recycling Point Bin is meticulously crafted from resilient steel and sheet metal, ensuring it withstands the demands of outdoor use. Its structure is made from 2mm thick cut sheet metal, artistically adorned with Venice decor that adds to its urban appeal. Measuring ø 450 x 845 mm in height, it is moderately sized to fit seamlessly into various urban settings without being obtrusive. Each bin can accommodate two 60-litre bags, allowing for a total capacity of 120 litres.

Added features include a lid equipped with a triangle-key lock that ensures the contents are secure and prevents unauthorised access. The finish is galvanised and painted in our RAL colours, providing a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look and additional protection against the elements. Installation is easy and secure, using anchor rods (not included).

Areas of Application

As a classic litter bin, the Venice Recycling Point Bin's primary function is waste management in public spaces. However, its dual-compartment design promotes selective sorting, making it not just a disposal point but an active instrument in recycling efforts. It is perfect for use in parks, pedestrian zones, and other green spaces, but it is versatile enough to fit into other areas such as town squares, schools, and business premises. Its stylish design and neutral colouring blend well with various architectural styles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the environment.

In conclusion, the Venice Recycling Point Bin by Procity is more than a piece of urban furniture; it's a testament to our dedication to quality and environmental sustainability. Its robust construction, practical design, and visual appeal make it an excellent choice for any urban area committed to maintaining cleanliness and promoting recycling.

A collection with a contemporary design that discreetly brings modernity to public spaces: clearly identified by the characteristic decorative steel sheet work.

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