Venice bus shelter

This Shelter features a unique cantilevered style. The rear cladding supported by two single posts provides unparalleled brightness.

  • Venice bus shelter
  • Venice bus shelter

Technical features

Two lengths: 2500 or 5000 mm.

Total depth: 1500 mm.

Square posts: steel tube 120 x 120 mm.

Under roof height: min. 2250 mm, max. 2390 mm.

Roof: bronze tinted 8 mm polycarbonate with anti-UV treatment.

Roof support beams: hot-dip galvanised steel.

Rear and side cladding: 8 mm safety glass.

Cladding attachments: pinch-grip system made from Zamak alloy with brushed finish.

Bus stop sign: 180 mm high x 815 mm wide, galvanised steel sheet lacquered in RAL 9006.

Timetable display case: 750 x 550 mm (4 A4) x 30 mm deep, in anodised aluminium.

Advertising space: light box (1710 mm x 1160 mm display area) or “2000” display case (1750 mm x 1200 mm display area).

Finish: galvanised and painted in our colours.

Installation: concreted directly into ground.