Universal Aluminium Boom Barrier

Perfect for filtering vehicle traffic. The telescopic barrier adjusts to all road widths. (from 3.05 to 6.40 metres) - right down to the centimetre.

Technical features

Structure: 80 x 80 mm aluminium bar extended by a 70 x 70 mm aluminium bar.
Width: Adjusts from 3200 to 6500 mm (distance between axis of rotation and the end of the barrier) for a post to post widith of 3050 to 6400 mm.
Openining system: Rotation on a stainless-steel axis on ball bearings.Counterweight is intergrated into a box attached to end of the bar.
Locking: In raised position (on the main post) or lowered position (on tip support post) with pin and padlock included. Delivered with a tip support post (steel).
Optional locking: 11 mm triangle key.

Finish: Painted white with red reflective strips.
Installation: On base plates with mounting hardware included.