Swivel Barrier

An access control barrier available in 2000 mm with an offset swivel axis. This latest model is equipped with a vertical tube to which a sign can be attacched.

  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier
  • Swivel Barrier-1
  • Swivel Barrier-2
  • Swivel Barrier-3
  • Swivel Barrier-4
  • Swivel Barrier-5
  • Swivel Barrier-6
  • Swivel Barrier-7
  • Swivel Barrier-8
  • Swivel Barrier-9
2000 mm.

Passage width
1600 mm.

steel tube, ø 60 mm.

Opening system
pivot-mounted shaft.

with ø 20 mm pin and padlock (included). Can be locked at 90° in open position.

galvanised steel or paint over galvanised steel in our colours.

on 200 x 200 mm base plate with concreted anchor rods (included).

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Procity Swivel Access Gate: A Durable and Secure Solution for Urban Spaces

Procity, a leader in urban furniture manufacturing, introduces the Swivel Access Gate, a robust and functional addition to any public or private urban space. Our company, renowned for its expertise in crafting furniture from high-quality materials like wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, now brings this innovative product to the market. Designed to meet the specific needs of communities and businesses, the Swivel Access Gate is a testament to Procity's commitment to providing durable and aesthetically pleasing urban solutions.

Technical Description of the Swivel Access Gate

The Swivel Access Gate by Procity stands out for its meticulous design and construction. The gate has a length of 2000 mm, providing a substantial physical presence while maintaining a passage width of 1600 mm, ensuring easy accessibility for pedestrians. Its structure is made from a steel tube with a diameter of 60 mm, offering unparalleled strength and durability. One of the gate's key features is its opening system, which operates on a pivot-mounted shaft, allowing for smooth and reliable operation. Additionally, the locking mechanism is robust, consisting of a ø 20 mm pin and a padlock, which is included with the gate. This feature ensures secure closure and the ability to lock the gate at a 90° open position, providing flexibility and convenience for various urban settings. In terms of finish, the Swivel Access Gate is available in galvanised steel or can be painted over galvanised steel in a range of colours, adhering to Procity's standard palette. This versatility in finish not only enhances the gate's durability but also allows for customization to suit different aesthetic preferences and environments. Installation of the gate is straightforward, requiring a 200 x 200 mm base plate with concreted anchor rods, which are included. This ensures that the gate can be securely and efficiently installed in a variety of locations.

Applications of the Swivel Access Gate

The Swivel Access Gate is designed for versatile use in both public and private sectors. It is an ideal solution for controlling access to pedestrian zones in urban areas, including parks, school campuses, corporate premises, and public buildings. The gate's robust construction makes it suitable for high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity and continuous performance. Additionally, its sleek design and customisable finish make it an attractive addition to any setting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space while providing essential functionality. The gate's secure locking mechanism and reliable opening system make it a trustworthy choice for managing access and ensuring safety in various urban environments.