KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel

The Kube litter bin offers extra-large capacity. Featuring a front-side door for easy bag insertion and removal. All Kube products can be combined to create places to meet, talk and relax in any outdoor space.

  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel
  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel
  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel
  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel
  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel-1
  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres all steel-2

Two sizes:

  • Version without lid: L 450 mm x W 450 mm x H 750 mm.
  • Version with cover: L 450 mm x W 450 mm x H 950 mm.

Structure: steel.

steel, zinc-primed and painted in our colours, single-colour or two-colour.

bag holder takes 120-litre bags (bags not included).

5 mm solid steel sheet.

Opening system
front-side door, locks with triangle key.

self-adhesive cigarette stubber.

with anchor rods (not included).

If installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details.

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Introducing the KUBE Litter Bin 120 Litres All Steel

The KUBE Litter Bin is a prime example of Procity's commitment to manufacturing high-quality urban furniture. This robust product is part of our light-weight litter bin category, designed for efficient waste management in public and commercial spaces. As with all Procity products, the KUBE Litter Bin 120 litres all steel is a blend of exceptional functionality and aesthetic appeal, adeptly accommodating the needs of communities and businesses alike.

Technical Specifications

Manufactured from sturdy steel, KUBE Litter Bin promises durability and resistance to the test of time and environment. We firmly believe in the importance of longevity in our products, hence we have zinc-primed the bin, then painted it in our choice of single or two-colour finishes, offering a pleasing aesthetic and further protection against rust and wear. The KUBE Litter Bin has a bag holder with a capacity of 120 litres, suitably sized for standard bin bags, although please note that bags are not included in the purchase.

The KUBE Litter Bin’s lid is made from a 6mm solid steel sheet, ensuring a firm seal to contain waste and odours. The bin also features an easy-open front-side door, which locks securely with a triangle key, providing an efficient method for bag insertion and removal. For added convenience, the KUBE Litter Bin also has an optional self-adhesive cigarette stubber, promoting responsible disposal of cigarette ends and maintaining a clean and tidy appearance in the surrounding area.


The KUBE Litter Bin is highly versatile, suitable for a wide range of settings. It's an ideal choice for public parks, corporate complexes, college campuses, or any outdoor space that requires a reliable waste disposal solution. With its extra-large capacity, it can handle high volumes of waste, making it particularly useful in areas of high footfall. All KUBE products, including the KUBE Litter Bin, are designed to create spaces where people can meet, talk, and relax. Indeed, the provision of a clean and tidy environment is an essential part of this aim.

In conclusion, the KUBE Litter Bin 120 litres all steel is a robust, durable, and aesthetically pleasing waste management solution. With its high capacity and convenient features, it serves as an effective tool for maintaining cleanliness in a variety of settings. As a Procity product, it comes with the assurance of quality and durability that our customers have come to expect from our urban furniture range.

A pure style strikingly modern in its simplicity.

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