Large steel & cast iron bollards

Anti-ram deterrent bollards

Anti-ram bollards are devices aimed at deterring ram raiders. Particularly recommended for the protection of ATM machines, banks, shopping centres, jewellers, airports..

  • Anti-ram deterrent bollards
  • Anti-ram deterrent bollards

Technical features

Total height with curved head:
- 1238 mm (Ø 160 mm)
- 1265 mm (Ø 219 mm)
- 1286 mm (Ø 273 mm)

Recommended above-ground height: 800 mm

Gauge 4 mm

3 available versions:
- with domed steel top
- without top
- with stainless steel top cap (only in Ø 219 mm)

Supplied empty, the bollard is fitted with a lifting eyelet for easy installation with a lifting machine.

Fill the bollard with reinforcement steel bars* and then with concrete then adding the curve head, held in place by its hook.

If installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details.

Finish: Zinc primed or Galvanised then painted finish in our RAL colours.


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