Secure "XL" barrel roof bicycle & motor bike shelter

Protection and ease of use for this extra wide shelter to accommodate bikes and motorised two wheelers.

  • Secure "XL" barrel roof bicycle & motor bike shelter
  • Secure "XL" barrel roof bicycle & motor bike shelter

Technical features

Dimensions: 6225 mm wide x 2646 mm high x 2834 mm deep.

Structure: galvanised steel tubes 80 x 80 mm.

Roof: steel cross-members 60 x 40 mm and aluminium rainwater gutters, painted in our colours, 10 mm anti-UV treated cellular polycarbonate barrel roof. Anti-intrusion roof reinforcements.

Back and side cladding: rectangular wire mesh Ø 5 mm welded to a steel angle frame, galvanised or galvanised and painted finish.

Sigle door: upper part in Ø 5 mm square wire mesh, lower part in 1.5 mm thick sheet metal. Unlocking by European lock/key or mechanical digicode. Opening the doors from the interior without keys. Door held in the open and closed position by drop bar and shoes.

Finish: painted in our colours.

Installation: on galvanised base plates, height adjustable feet, expansion bolts included.


LED lighting: LED mounted on an aluminum tube, factory fitted. Power supply 220V, connection to be made by a professional (circuit breaker not supplied).

Bike racks and stands.