Province Tradition bicycle stand - Sphere

The Province Tradition bicycle rack with its "S" curves fits easily into any type of environment. It allows easy securing of your two wheels.

  • Province Tradition bicycle stand - Sphere
  • Province Tradition bicycle stand - Sphere
  • Province Tradition bicycle stand - Sphere
  • Province Tradition bicycle stand - Sphere
Height above ground
930 mm (excluding top cap).

710 mm.

galvanised and painted in our colours.

concreted directly into ground.

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Province Tradition Bicycle Stand - Sphere: A Unique Addition to Urban Infrastructure

Procity, a leading name in urban furniture manufacturing, introduces the Province Tradition Bicycle Stand – Sphere. This product is a key addition to our Bike Shelter and Bicycle Racks categories, combining innovation with practicality. Incorporated with a distinctive "S" curve design, this bicycle stand easily blends into any environment, ensuring the secure parking of bicycles.

Technical Features

Crafted with precision, our Province Tradition Bicycle stand sets its mark with a height above ground of 930 mm, excluding the top cap, and a width of 710 mm. The design is both sturdy and durable, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. The finish is galvanised, painted in our signature colours, ensuring the stand's resistance to weather elements and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Installation is straightforward, with the stand designed to be concreted directly into the ground, ensuring stability and security.

Application and Uses

This bicycle stand is ideal for public spaces, community areas, and commercial premises. It provides a versatile solution for bicycle parking, augmenting the usability of urban environments. Its unique design and robust construction make it a suitable choice for locations with high bicycle traffic, including parks, schools, office complexes, and shopping centres. By facilitating easy bicycle parking, the Province Tradition Bicycle Stand - Sphere promotes the use of bicycles as a sustainable mode of transport, contributing to the creation of greener, healthier communities.

At Procity, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality urban furniture solutions. The Province Tradition Bicycle Stand - Sphere is testament to our dedication to excellence and our understanding of the evolving needs of urban spaces. From design to installation, we ensure our products meet the highest standards of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Choose the Province Tradition Bicycle Stand - Sphere for a blend of quality, utility, and design that sets your urban space apart.

Designed to last over time.

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