Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere

A contemporary bicycle stand for locking up both larger and smaller bicycles.

  • Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere
  • Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere
Height above ground
1000 mm (excluding top cap).

675 mm.

galvanised and painted in our colours.

concreted directly into ground.

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Procity's Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere

The Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere is a contemporary piece of urban furniture from Procity's range of expertly crafted products. Designed with the needs of both communities and businesses in mind, this bicycle stand provides an aesthetically pleasing yet functional solution for securely hosting bicycles of all sizes. We, at Procity, understand the growing necessity for safe and secure bicycle storage in urban environments. Our Province Classic Bicycle Stand embodies our commitment to creating sustainable, user-friendly, and quality products that enhance the beauty of public spaces while serving a practical purpose.

Technical Description

The Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere stands at a height of 1000 mm above the ground, excluding the top cap, with a width of 675 mm. The stand, both galvanised and painted in our selection of colours, is designed to resist the wear and tear of outdoor environments. The product's robustness and durability are attributed to our choice of materials. Made from a mix of wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, the stand withstands harsh weather conditions while maintaining its aesthetics. The bicycle stand is installed by concreting directly into the ground, ensuring a sturdy and reliable structure for bicycle storage.

Areas of Application

The Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various settings. This includes urban settings like city centres, parks, and residential areas where bicycle usage is prevalent. Additionally, it can be utilised in commercial areas such as offices, retail parks, and educational institutions, providing employees, customers, and students with a secure place to store their bicycles. Moreover, its contemporary design complements both modern and traditional architectural styles, making it a fitting accessory for any landscape. To sum up, the Province Classic Bicycle Stand – Sphere from Procity is more than just a bicycle stand. It is a practical, stylish, and durable urban furniture piece that can greatly contribute to the visual appeal of a space while encouraging eco-friendly transport solutions. With its superior build quality and modern design, it is a testament to Procity's dedication to enhancing public spaces through quality urban furniture.

Designed to last over time.

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