PROCITY® recycling point 40 liters x 3 - Agora

Make a set of recycling bins by assembling 1-3 standard PROCITY® steel litter bins around one central post and a choice of four decorative top caps from the Province collection. Use different coloured lids for easy identification. The lid is specially designed to be a non-melting and self-extinguishing in case on fire. Small opening to prevent disposal of household waste.

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Technical features

Your recycling point will consist of:

  • an initial Procity® bin with liner bucket on a centre post,
  • one or two additional Procity® bins with liner buckets and connectors.

Structure: bucket made of zinc-plated steel with handles.

Locking system: unlocks with triangle key, self-centring closure and latch.

Finish: body and lid zinc primed and painted in our colours.

Option: set of 3 signage decals for recycling categories (each 185 mm high x 160 mm wide).

If installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details.