Polycarbonate solar road stud

A road stud with an attractive design, equipped with 3 flashing LEDs on each side. Completely self-powered, to clearly highlight locations where accidents are more likely.

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Technical features

Dimensions: ø 116 mm x 25 mm high.

Polycarbonate road stud: attach to ground with epoxy glue and screws (not included).

Features: 3 flashing LEDs on each side.

Choice of 2 LED colours: white or blue.

Self-powered: a fully-charged road stud has enough power for over 72 hours of operation (full charge requires 8 hours of exposure to daylight). Waterproof (IP68), visible from over 500 metres away, and can withstand pressure up to 10 tonnes. All road studs must be used and installed in accordance with local highway legislation and safety requirements.

Sold in batches of 6 units.