Morvan bins 90 litres

A litter bin made of dent-proof and UV-resistant polyethylene for long lasting performance in outdoor environments.

  • Morvan bins 90 litres
  • Morvan bins 90 litres
  • Morvan bins 90 litres
  • Morvan bins 90 litres
  • Morvan bins 90 litres
  • Morvan bins 90 litres
  • Morvan bins 90 litres-9
  • Morvan bins 90 litres-10
  • Morvan bins 90 litres-11
  • Morvan bins 90 litres-12
ø 445 mm x 980 mm high for 90-litre bin.

dent-proof polyethylene with anti-UV treatment.

Inner bucket
galvanised steel with handles.

Locking system
unlocks with triangle key, automatically locks when lid is closed.

attaches to ground with 3 expansion bolts (included).

black or dark green.

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Morvan Bins 90 Litres: A Practical Solution for Urban Spaces

At Procity, we specialise in the creation of robust urban furniture designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of public spaces. The Morvan bin, part of our Green Spaces Furniture and Classic Litter Bin collections, is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, durable solutions for communities and businesses alike.

Technical Description of the Morvan Bin

As part of our dedication to sustainable and effective urban solutions, the Morvan bin is crafted from dent-proof and UV-resistant polyethylene, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor environments. With a generous capacity of 90 litres, the bin is designed to cater for high-traffic areas where litter management is crucial. The robust nature of the polyethylene material ensures resistance to damage and deterioration, while offering the flexibility to withstand varying temperature conditions, typical of dynamic open-air environments.

In addition to its structural durability, the Morvan bin embodies Procity's commitment to aesthetic versatility. Available in a variety of colours, the bin can seamlessly blend with a multitude of urban settings, thus contributing to the overall visual appeal of the environment. This combination of functionality and aesthetic versatility sets the Morvan bin apart, aligning with our philosophy of creating functional, visually pleasing urban spaces.

Applications of the Morvan Bin

The Morvan Bin 90 litres is an ideal addition to multiple urban spaces. Its durable construction and high capacity make it an effective waste management solution for parks, streets, school grounds, business premises, and other communal areas. The bin's design simplifies waste disposal, encouraging cleanliness and reducing the impact of litter on the environment.

Furthermore, the Morvan bin aligns with our mission at Procity to provide urban furniture that meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and aesthetic value. By choosing the Morvan bin, communities and businesses can effectively manage waste while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their spaces.

In conclusion, the Morvan Bin 90 litres represents a perfect blend of quality, durability, and style. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it's a reliable solution for managing waste in a variety of settings, contributing to cleaner, more attractive urban environments.