Moonshape bicycle shelter

This sturdy shelter offers an effective and elegant bike parking solution.

  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-1
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-2
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-3
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-4
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-5
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-6
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-7
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-8
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-9
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-10
  • Moonshape bicycle shelter-11
2800 mm wide x 2040 mm high x 2465 mm deep.

Parking capacity
up to 6 bicycles for a module (depending on the bicycle stand or bicycle rack chosen).

tubular steel, assembled using inserts with screws.

steel crossbeams with inserts, aluminium profile structure and rain gutter, anti-UV-treated 6 mm cellular polycarbonate panel.

galvanised and painted in our colours.

extension module, 2800 mm wide.

Side cladding
4 mm tinted polycarbonate.

Bicycle rack
6 spaces, ø 22 mm steel tubes, attached to crossbars with stainless steel screws (included).

on base plates, expansion anchors included.

Upper side cladding
semi-circles of tinted polycarbonate (pair).

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Moonshape Bicycle Shelter: Introducing The Future of Urban Bike Storage

We at Procity are proud to introduce the Moonshape Bicycle Shelter, a unique fusion of practicality and elegance, designed to meet the urban bike storage needs of today's cities and communities. This sophisticated shelter not only aims to keep your bicycles secure but also enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings with its sleek design.

Sophisticated Design Meets High-Grade Materials: A Technical Overview

The Moonshape Bicycle Shelter is constructed with a tubular steel structure, assembled using insert screws, ensuring robustness and longevity. It spans 2800mm in width, 2040mm in height, and 2465mm in depth, offering ample space for bike storage. The roof is a work of architectural brilliance, featuring steel crossbeams with inserts and an aluminium profile structure, topped with a 6mm anti-UV-treated cellular polycarbonate panel. Its rain gutter ensures optimal water runoff, preserving the shelter and your bikes from weather-related damage.

In addition to the core structure, the Moonshape Bicycle Shelter is galvanised and painted in our signature colours, enhancing its resistance to weather and wear. It also features side cladding made of 4mm tinted polycarbonate for added protection. An extension module, 2800mm wide, can be attached for additional bike storage space, making the Moonshape Bicycle Shelter a scalable solution for varying needs.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with a bicycle rack with six spaces. The rack is made of ø 22mm steel tubes, which are attached to crossbars using stainless steel screws included in the package. This meticulously designed rack ensures your bikes are held securely within the shelter.

A Versatile Bicycle Shelter for Modern Urban Spaces

Our Moonshape Bicycle Shelter is an ideal solution for all: from public spaces like parks, schools, and shopping centres to private establishments like offices and residential buildings. Its sleek design and high-grade construction make it an attractive and functional addition to various environments, helping to promote greener and healthier modes of transportation.

At Procity, we strive to deliver top-quality urban furniture that not only meets functional requirements but also complements and enhances urban aesthetics. The Moonshape Bicycle Shelter is a testament to this commitment. The perfect blend of utility and elegance, it is set to redefine urban bike storage solutions, making them an integral part of the urban landscape.

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