Mirrors in stainless steel, anti-frost/condensation

Vialux® traffic mirrors are designed to prevent road accidents by providing maximum visibility at strategic locations and blind spots and junctions.
VIALUX® stainless steel traffic mirrors are designed to withstand the most unfavourable and aggressive climatic conditions: salty environment, chemical pollution … The anti-frost and anti-condensation versions developed by VIALUX® does not require any electrical connection. VIALUX® traffic mirrors conform to article 14 of French law on signage and road safety 7th June 1977.
  • Mirrors in stainless steel, anti-frost/condensation
  • Mirrors in stainless steel, anti-frost/condensation

Technical features

STAINLESS STEEL OPTICS: Stainless steel optics are unbreakable, insensitive to UV, durable and guarantee a long-life span. The high-grade stainless steel and the precision of its polishing ensures a high image quality.

ANTI-FROST ANTI-CONDENSATION STAINLESS STEEL OPTICS: A stainless-steel optic equipped with an anti-frost device requiring no electric connection.

FRAME: The thermoplastic resin frame is treated and tested against UV to avoid cracking and yellowing.

INSTALLATION: All traffic mirrors are supplied with fully adjustable bolts and galvanised steel bracket kit for wall or round posts (Ø60 to 90mm) or rectangular posts (60x80mm or 80x80mm). The kit allows the optimum orientation to be easily achieved. The kit is robust and tested to withstand winds of up to 183 km/h.

ACCESSORIES: Galvanised steel posts available for all models.