Mirrors in Polymir® & P.A.S®

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Place our mirrors with red and white frames at road intersections for increased traffic safety outside of warehouses and industrial sites. The white frame with red reflective adhesive stripes ensures total visibility.

  • Mirrors in Polymir® & P.A.S®
  • Mirrors in Polymir® & P.A.S®
  • Mirrors in Polymir® & P.A.S®
  • Mirrors in Polymir® & P.A.S®
thermoplastic resin, anti-UV treated and tested to prevent cracking and yellowing. High-quality, durable red reflective adhesive stripes. The frames of our ø 800 and 900 mm Polymir®/P.A.S® mirrors are made of ABS/ PMMA.

our Polymir® and P.A.S® mirrors are delivered with galvanisedsteel fixing kits for walls, round posts (ø 60 to 90 mm) and rectangular posts (60 x 80 mm or 80 x 80 mm), allowing for percise adjustment of mirror position. This fixing kit has been tested and certified for wind resistance up to 183 km/h.

Polymir® Quality
the Polymir® mirror surface reflects a clear image with no distortion. It is unbreakable, impact-resistant, and has an anti-UV surface treatment. Supplied with a 3 year warranty.

P.A.S.® Quality
the P.A.S.® mirror surface features Polymir® quality plus anti-scratch and an anti-static treatment to guarantee your satisfaction for an additional 2 years.

Heated film for defrosting/defogging. Posts available for all outdoor mirrors.

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